Monday, June 21, 2010

One More Day

Our family celebrated Father’s Day yesterday missing the most important man in our lives… Ed Klassen. Ed was my father-in-law, but in my heart he was my “Dad” and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him with a huge smile on my face.

I often wonder what we would do if we had “one more day”  together… would we sit around enjoying the lazy days of summer, enjoy a fabulous home cooked meal, watch the kids take a ride on Grandpa’s tractor, help build a tree house, design some furniture, build a deck, watch junior hockey, take a picnic and go fishing, talk politics, pick fresh vegetables from the garden, listen to hole-by-hole golf stories (and nobody can tell a golf story like Ed…. well, Craig might come close!). I know what I would do if I had one more day…. I’d share a box of chocolates and a lot of laughs and enjoy a huge hug!

Ed; We miss you more than words can express.

This song is not a well known Keith Urban song, but I love it and think of Dale and his Dad when I listen to it.
Click here to listen

"Song For Dad"

“Lately I've been noticing
I say the same things he used to say
And I even find myself acting the very same way

I tap my fingers on the table
To the rhythm in my soul
And I jingle the car keys
When I'm ready to go
When I look in the mirror
He's right there in my eyes
Staring back at me and I realize

The older I get
The more I can see
How much he loved my mother and my brother and me
And he did the best that he could
And I only hope when I have my own family
That every day I see
A little more of my father in me

There were times I thought he was being
Just a little bit hard on me
But now I understand he was making me
Become the man he knew that I could be
In everything he ever did
He always did with love

And I'm proud today to say I'm his son

When somebody says I hope I get to meet your dad
I just smile and say you already have

He's in my eyes
My heart, my soul

My hands, my pride
And when I feel alone
And I think I can't go on
I hear him saying "Son you'll be alright"
Everything's gonna be alright
Yes it is"

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