Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bringing Comfort

Last November I was contacted by the principal of an elementary school who wanted me to make a special blanket for a very special little boy who was terminally ill.  Alex was in grade six and only had a few months to live and his classmates wanted him to have something that would give him comfort during this very difficult time.
They chose a heart with his name for the middle of the blanket and the following designs were created for the four corners.
His favourite colour was purple so the blanket was embroidered with the main design on the purple side and the four corners of the reverse in latte had the other designs.

The school's initials with all his classmates holding hands.
His favourite sports.
 His family.
 And, lastly.... Alex with his friends having a campfire.
Sadly, Alex passed away in January of this year and this special blanket was draped over his coffin at the funeral.  The principal of the school called to tell me that Alex had taken his blanket with him everywhere he went and it did give him comfort.
Sometimes the creation of these blankets is difficult.   Most of my orders are for blankets to celebrate life as in the birth of a brand new baby but, on occasion, I do get requests to do something like this one that was done for Alex.