Saturday, September 4, 2010

Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye

“Railroad station, midnight trains
lonely airports in the rain
and somebody stands there with tears in their eyes
It's the same old scene, time after time
that's the trouble with all mankind, somebody's always saying goodbye
Taxi cabs leave in the night
Greyhound buses with red tail lights
someone's leaving and someone's left behind
Well I don’t know how things got that way
but every place you look these days
somebody's always saying goodbye”
                                                Anne Murray

The airport can be a sad and happy place all at the same time. Last week it was the happiest place on earth for me as Meagan and Jake arrived home for a summer visit. Today it is the saddest place as they left to go back “home” to England.

“Someone’s leaving and someone’s left behind”…….


Lynn said...

awwwwww Valery, thinking about you! I don't like goodbyes one bit! At least you have something to look forward to this week!lol

Dale said...

They are doing so well and are very happy, thats what makes it easier for me

Anonymous said...

Hi Valery, Thinking of you today! Yes, lots to look forward to, I agree with Dale. Love the Anne Murray song you put up. xo Linda