Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I Know For Sure

“What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you. That’s not just my theory or point of view, it’s physics. Life is an energy of giving and receiving… Those that are greedy, hit a road block where they are alone. Give more than you receive and be grateful for those around you.”

Oprah Winfrey

I love reading Oprah Winfrey's “O” magazine, and I'm always impacted by the way she always ends each monthly publication with her column; “What I Know For Sure”.  It's probably the best part of the magazine and this week it has inspired me to share what I know for sure ... so here are 20 things I know for sure….

1. You are responsible for your own life.

2. Life is short. Spend time doing what you love. Since we don’t know how much time we have left, we should live each day as if it is our last…. for it just may be.

3. You can't learn less. You can only add to your knowledge.

4. In order to continue to receive you must give…. “what goes around, comes around”.

5. You can't un-do what has already happened. Whatever is done is done. It's up to you to learn from the experience.

6. It takes a long time to build a good reputation and only a short while to ruin it.

7. Nobody loves you more than your parents.

8. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

9. Never quit something just because it is tough.

10. We can accomplish anything we want.

11. Worst case scenarios almost never happen.

12. There is never a right time to do something, just do it!

13. Take lots of photographs…. It’s all about creating the memory.

14. Don’t believe everything you read.

15. Life really does get better the older you get.

16. You don’t have to like everything that you do.

17. You will regret things that you haven’t done.

18. You have to treat people the way you want to be treated.

19. It’s ok to feel like crap every once in a while. Life isn’t always perfect.

20. Be true to yourself.

Last week's challenge at Let's Scrap was to make a card or layout using your doodling skills so here is my take....  I cut strips of white and black cardstock and after doodling on each one I pasted them together to make the card front.
Til next time... Enjoy


Cheryl said...

Love your post Valery!

BeautifulDees said...

Oh my dear your music is what I picked but didnt know how to get it on my blog....I love your blog...I am so glad I stumbled onto it is like you are my sister. I even had the background on my computer for awhile. Come by sometime, I love company.

Betty Anne said...

Love the list Valery and your card is fantastic.
If you go to my blog you will see that I gave you a Stylish Blog Award. Here's the link


Betty Anne