Sunday, August 7, 2011

Canvas Fun!

16 canvas blocks, 1 staple gun, 1 hot glue gun, 8 hands and a lot of laughs... this was the Canvas Class at The Scrap Yard a few weeks ago. What a fun class. Teaming up in groups to hold together each canvas while someone arranged the canvas pieces, someone held them in place and someone stapled and glued. The laughter in our group was endless. Here is my finished product with a few close-up shots. I filled each canvas with photos and memorabilia that make me smile each time I look at it above my fireplace mantle.


Something Special said...

I am loving your new project. What a perfect way to diplay family photos and memorabilia. Just perfect for a family room decoration. Thanks for sharing this. You are very talented and I think we have lots in common! Check out my paper crafting blog. You can get there by going to Something special and clicking on Special paper projects in the navigation bar. Warning this blog is very lonely, and it needs visitors badly.

Susan said...

Oh I love how your canvas wreath turned out Val! I bought two kits and can't wait to put them together.

romance-of-roses said...

This sounds like a wonderful evening was held by all. What better way to display family pictures, I can see why it puts a smile on your face.