Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Cloche

cloche   /kloʊʃ, klɔʃ/ Show Spelled[klohsh, klawsh] Show IPA
1. a bell-shaped glass cover

Last week I participated in the Christy Tomlinson 12 Artsy Christmas Ornaments; an on-line class featuring 11 teachers and 12 amazing projects. One of the projects that I fell in love with was the Holiday Glitter Cloche by Shea & Debbie. I bought a vase at Michaels for $3, the wooden base and ball topper for $2 and I had the rest of the stuff to complete the project in my craft bin. I love little trinkets and glitter and what better way to showcase them than in this adorable Christmas cloche. This is my version with a few close-ups.... and I love it!
The snowman is a vintage ornament that has been in our family since my brother and I were small children so I thought this would be a great way to keep him safe and admire him over the years!

I decorated the mini trees with glitter snow and red stickles, adding a silver star to the top of the larger tree.
... Love the snowy picket fence!

... And you can never have too much glitter and bling. I used my silver glitter on a wooden ball for the top of the cloche and a Teresa Collins Blingage for the centre ornament.

Gather up a few of your favourite small treasures and create a cloche of your very own to admire over the holiday season.

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