Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project

While strolling through blogland one evening, I came across this beautiful blog and this wonderful post "The Pink Scarf Project".
This is a year-long project running from October 2012 and ending on October 1, 2013 in honour of Breast Cancer awareness.
The rules are simple.... make or purchase a pink scarf and send it to:
"Pink Scarf Project"
311 West Main Street
Grayson, Ky 41143 
This October the scarfs will be donated to women who are braving their own battle against breast cancer.
This is the minkee cuddle infinity scarf that I made.
Of course I made it from beautiful soft minkee fabric....
I cut a piece of "bubblegum" coloured minkee 60"x17"
Folded it in half lengthwise and sewed the long end together.

Turn it right sides out.
Laying it flat on the table, with your seam in the centre.... 
Twist it approximately 8 times and then stitch the short ends closed.

I added a simple organza flower with a little bling in the centre..... 
'cause every girl deserves some *BLING*!
It's fast.... it's simple and it makes a warm cuddly scarf.  Try making one for yourself... these are so simple to make.  Only took me 10 minutes and now it's on the way to Vicki at "2 Bags Full".

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