Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm An Internationally Published Author

Sometimes, really good things do happen in life! Now I know that everyone goes through hard times in life – I’ve done so myself. But recently I got a call from my friend and colleague, Kate Gardner, who was offering me an incredible opportunity! She was expanding her anthology series, with The Missing Piece in Business. And she was inviting me to participate! Needless to say I said yes to the chance to become an Internationally Published Author!

Our group of 26 women was formed to collaborate on writing by, for and about women business owners. I can tell you it was an eye-opening experience working together to produce The Missing Piece in Business
Take a look!

Every business owner understands how difficult and challenging it is to run a business. The Missing Piece in Business is a compilation of stories from women. They share their own stories that demonstrate you’re not alone. You’ll be able to read about their struggles and triumphs to get where they are today. See it here!

Kate united 26 business owners to create The Missing Piece in Business, a source of first-hand business knowledge and experience. So, if you are trying to manage the stresses and challenges of running a business, you must get this book. You will have access to real-world experiences and, as a bonus, each chapter concludes with a business tip that you can start applying to your business TODAY.

Take the first steps with The Missing Piece in Business! It’s available right now on Amazon
You’ve got to get it!

Empowering women in business,

P.S. Have you seen our website for the book and our YouTube Channel? Probably not, so click here 
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