Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hooked on *H*O*M*E*

Yes, that's right.... I'm hooked on creating these beautiful letters.  I purchase my letters from Wood Creations and stock up every time I am there!  They make hundreds of different designs and sets and have several different styles of alphabets to choose from.

I created these two sets while I was away on a girls scrapbooking retreat last month.
A peek inside the "O"

These are my 3rd and 4th sets of HOME, made for a couple of special people in my life.  To see previous sets check out Altered Wooden Letters and Keep Calm.



Que bonitas!!!!

Bobbie Jones said...

Very nice. Do you get the accessories from the scrapbooking section? Like the little bird's nest?

Thanks for sharing!

Evita Kristapsone said...

Very pretty designs! Besides I like and share your passion - "Do something creative every single day!"

Laura said...

These are beautiful! I love all the little touches you add to each letter to make them unique!