Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Baby Hangers

Looking for a cute and very quick handmade gift for a baby shower.... try making these adorable baby hangers. I found some wooden hangers in my local craft store and decided to make a set of two as a baby gift. They are the perfect addition to add to a baby outfit that you may be giving to someone special.
Start by sanding down the wooden hanger using light sand paper and painting it white.
Then I chose some pink paislee paper for the front and a coordinating pattern for the back. Trace the hanger onto the paper and cut out four shapes.
Using white glue, glue the patterned papers to each side of the hanger. Once dry, lightly sand the edges to remove any paper overhang.
I then did a light coat of golden gel medium (matte finish) on each side just to protect the hanger from normal wear and tear. While this was drying I painted the two small wooden frames that I also got at my local craft store.
Here is a picture of the front and back once each side was coated with gel medium
I then decorated the tiny wooden frames with buttons and twine and added some ribbon and here is the finished product.

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Maru said...

The truth is that they are beautiful and very delicate, but it is always much easier to find Baby Hangers for girls than for boys