Saturday, November 26, 2011

All That Glitters...

... Is Not Gold... In fact, it's Silver!
I love silver glitter, so much so that when I last checked my stash, a have four bottles... yes, all silver! I had the perfect project in mind to use up some of this over abundance of silver glitter.
While shopping in a store in Las Vegas this past fall, I came across some ornaments that I fell in love with, only I thought that they were over-priced and very plain (no glitter) and I could recreate them using my own ideas and my silver glitter.
I started with some large pressboard hearts that I found at Michael's in the sale bin for $.49 each so I bought them all.
I covered each heart with old book paper and sanded the edges.

I used my cropodile to punch a hole both at the bottom and top of each heart.
I stamped a "crown" stamp on the front, adding some silver rhinestones.
I painted the edges with some glue and then dipped them into the glitter.
I also got the hanging bobbles from Michaels and added one to each heart along with some ribbon to hang the ornament.

I had so much fun making these that I went back to Michaels and found the smaller hearts and continued to make some more...
I am now completely covered head-to-toe in silver glitter and, as my friend Deb kindly pointed out, I'll be finding that stuff in my craft room in March!!!
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Jenna said...

These are very cute!!!

Ally White Cat said...

I love hearts oh how sweet these are.Thank you for sharing. merry Christmas

susan salyer

Laura said...

I love these so simple and pretty!