Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today I am Grateful For...

Gratitude is expressing thanks for gifts we have received. The word gratitude comes from the Latin words:
meaning favor, charm, and thanks, and
meaning pleasing and grateful”

When I purchased my IPhone several months ago I was caught up in the search for free apps. When I came across the “gratitude journal” app I decided this was for me and I was going to write in it every day!

I found this to be a ritual that gains momentum over time and with practice. I had days where I seemed to be too busy to possibly take 10 minutes and just do it. Negative thoughts seem to come much more easily than positive ones and I have learned over the past several months to shift the negative energy into gratitude. "Thoughts are things"… The more you appreciate the good in your life, no matter how small, the more you will attract.

With the many blog and Facebook gratitude journals becoming so popular, I suggest you take a leap and ‘just do it’… Sit down with pen and paper, your IPhone or at your computer and start, “Today I am grateful for …” You will most likely have to stop there for a second or two and wait because you just can’t think of anything. But just wait. Surrender to the moment. Something inside you will shift. The words will come. You can start it simply as I have or you can write a paragraph about what you are grateful for. It doesn't matter how you write as long as you get in the habit of reflecting on the good things. You will be surprised at the feelings of contentment you will get from your journal writing.

Some days you will think that there is no feeling of gratitude. That’s ok… There has to be something in your day that you are thankful for. Maybe it’s just the fact that your car started this morning or that the sun is shining. I try to do my journal late at night before I go to sleep so I can re-live everything that I experienced throughout the day. As you remember the day, take a second to remember what made you happy, made you smile… what are you grateful for?

I love reading what other people are grateful for and it gives me the incentive to see my gratitude journal grow. Sometimes I get so busy that I miss writing for a day or two, but don’t let that dissuade you, pick up the paper & pen and get back at it.
My journal entry for this past Saturday read that I was grateful for my friends. I have the most amazing groups of friends who are always there for me, through thick and thin and I can count on every single one of them to drop what they are doing and come running when I need them.
I challenge you to start your Gratitude Journal today. You will be surprised at how much "good" there is in a day... Go ahead, take the ball and run with it... Today I am grateful for….

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