Thursday, April 26, 2012

Movin' On...

OK.... My Bad! I have been quite neglectful in my blog post duties but I have been busy.... really busy! In just 4 days I am on my way into a "new" career path that will, hopefully, give me more time to create! I have decided to go on contract with Valery Klassen Consulting and leave my "real job" as manager of a private oil & gas company. I currently have three clients that I do work for and will be able to work from home as well as in my rental office space, setting my own schedule and hours.

Since both of my kids are now educated adults with "real" jobs of their own this is the time in my life that I'm giving back to ME. I worked to put them through university and now that my job is done, it's time to focus on ME!

My baby blanket business at Sun 7 Designs has really taken off and it, being my first love, needs more attention. I have neglected my quilting and, just this past weekend, started working on one for my brother. I have a wedding to help plan and a thousand craft ideas running through my head and I want time to CREATE! I have some exciting things coming up and I wanted time to focus on them and enjoy what life has to offer.

We only get one chance on this earth, so I plan to make the best of it with no regrets. I have given myself a few more hours in a day to dedicate to me... to let's hope I don't waste them! Stay tuned for more blog posts and crafty ideas and always remember to "do something creative every single day!".


Amanda Keefe said...

When are you done with the "real job"? I am excited for you and this new phase. Congratulations.

Dale said...

I'm happy for you, and love you