Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Wicked Faire" ~ Sweet Salvage

I just returned from a week in the sunshine and I was very fortunate to be able to attend the monthly event at Sweet Salvage on 7th in Phoenix AZ.
If you are into the shabby chic vintage look, this event it for you.
I had been looking forward to this for over two years and so my expectations were high and.... let me tell you, they did not disappoint.  It was AMAZING!
They are only open the third weekend of every month for 4 days and you have to get there for the first day.  I arrived at 9:30 am for the opening at 10:00 am and was about 50th in line.  It was 103 degrees outside and luckily the line up was mostly in the shade.  The girls come around and hand out a lanyard with a number on it (mine was U1) and that is your identity.
Once inside, your eyes just don't know where to look... there are literally thousands of things to look at and it's overwhelming, in a good way!  Picking up items that you want to purchase, a salesgirl or salesman will come up to you and take your items from you and tag them in the back with your number so your hands are free to grab more items. 
Once I finished looking around, I lined up to pay for my items and they bring them out from the back room. 
This month was "Wicked Faire" and it was Halloween themed.  I had so much fun looking at everything and wishing that I had brought a truck to drive home instead of flying.... which seriously limited what I could buy!  Their prices are amazing and everyone was over-the-top friendly. 
I enjoyed it so much that I actually went back on Sunday and bought a few more trinkets and treasures.
Enjoy the photos that I took of some of my favorite things and maybe they will entice you to make a trip to Pheonix and take in this special event.
Wishing this dress form was for sale - my friend Maureen would love this!
.... or this one...
Yes, I treated myself to one of these burlap bundles!
 Several vintage typewriters.... wish I could fit one in my suitcase!
Many beautiful chandeliers.
 I love this table!
 And this clock..... simply to die for!
I'm sure this is how my husband felt after waiting for me for hours...... sorry Dale!
Love this sign above their huge cash desk!
Can't wait to go back one day in the near future.


Tanya said...

Wow, looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend the day

CroppinSpree said...

Oh my my my... I wish I could have visited this store! How beautiful :-)