Tuesday, August 27, 2013

*Diana* Gets a Makeover

About 15 years ago I found this dress form at a garage sale.  It was very inexpensive so I purchased it and actually used it a few times when making dresses for my daughter.  I haven't required her services in many years so, instead of throwing her away, I decided to add her to my collection of dress forms sitting in my sewing room.
She wasn't up to the standards of being with the other "women" so she needed a much deserved makeover.
I purchased 2 yards of printed burlap fabric and pinned it right sides to the mannequin.
My old school sewing days came back to me as I created darts and pin tucks.
 This was so simple to do and took me very little time.  
 In no time at all she was ready to take her place with the others. 

I have quite the collection now.  

And a close up of Miss Diana!
This was a little paper mache one that my friend Marianne gave me last year.
 I decided to mod podge her in book paper.
 Added a cute little drawer knob at the top.


Collie said...
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Collie said...

Hi Miss Valery!
Love Miss Diana's new look! Where did you ever find the printed burlap fabric? Awesome!

Barb Marshall said...

loving the printed burlap dress! I was thinking that you should make one for yourself to wear too. visiting via 'sorry,not sorry social' linkup