Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick and Easy Gift

I saw this plain wooden letter in my local craft store and immediately knew what I was going to do with it. Paint it white, cover it with patterned paper, attach some embellishments and presto.... you have a lovely gift.
Start by choosing your favorite piece of patterned paper. I am making this for my Mom's birthday so I chose paper to match her bedroom. This feminine line is by GCD. Trace the letter onto the back of the paper and cut it out.
Spread some plain old white glue over the letter with a paintbrush. Lay the paper overtop and use a brayer to roll out the bubbles.
Apply a light layer of regular gel medium (matte finish) overtop of the papered letter to protect the surface, let dry and sand the edges.
Add your favorite embellishments and enjoy the finished product. This was a very quick project, taking less than an hour to make.

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Tanya said...

Very pretty!! Wonderful job :)