Friday, March 1, 2013

Hearts Remember

21 years ago a total stranger gave me a beautiful home-made heart framed in a little gold frame with the words "Hearts Remember" printed on it and it touched my heart,  so when I saw a posting from Holly Johnson asking 26 people to participate in a tribute to the Sandy Hook victims, I knew this was my calling to pay it forward to a total stranger.  I  am so very honoured to be a part of the tribute to the Sandy Hook victims.  This special tribute was organized by Holly Johnson, a fellow crafter,  who asked 26 people to chose one of the victims and make a special heart.  It could be made from anything; paper, wood, fabric etc... so I made mine out of heavy chipboard and patterned paper.

I chose Mary Sherlach; she was the 56 year old school's psychologist and she was killed on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School as she ran towards the gunman.  Mary Sherlach was laid to rest on Friday December 21st and was remembered as being vivacious, a dedicated Miami Dolphins fan as well as a dedicated school psychologist who intervened, not just on that horrific day but throughout her life.  Mary worked at the Sandy Hook Elementary School for 18 years giving support and guidance to the young children.  Married for 31 years to husband Bill, the pair have two daughters aged 25 and 28.

Somehow I feel an unexplainable connection to Mary.  We are almost the same age and our children are very close in age.  I didn't hesitate in choosing her name from the list, I just clicked on it immediately.  Something told me that this was the right thing to do and the right person to choose.
I still can't help but cry when I read or see any news on this story. I know those of us that are parents must have rushed to our children that day and hugged them a little tighter and even though my children are 23 and 28, they are still my children and I hugged them a little tighter. 

This tragedy hit us all very hard, it's unfathonomable and unexplainable and my heart is full of sadness.
I hope this heart, along with the other 25 hearts bring some comfort and love to the families of these 26 amazing souls.
You can see all the hearts here on Holly's blog.
This is a photo of Mary and this is my tribute "Hearts Remember" heart.
I still have my special "Hearts Remember" heart on my shelf in my sewing room.  The person who made it for me will never know just how much that meant to me during a very difficult time in my life.  I will cherish it forever.


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Your heart is just beautiful and the sentiment behind it.