Thursday, March 14, 2013

Smart-Mom-mies Review

A few weeks ago I was very fortunate to connect with Tera of Smart-Mom-mies in beautiful British Columbia.  She posted this amazing review of my blankets.
  • Sun 7 Designs
  • Personalized Baby Blankets
  • Custom Designed By: Valery Klassen
"From the moment your baby is born your new bundle will be wrapped with love in a blanket.  Your little one will soon feel comfort with a special blankie and soon it will turn out that they are asking for their special blankie and almost become like a friend.
Valery Klassen of Sun 7 Designs has truly designed the most desirable and personable baby blanket.  If you go to her website you will instantly fall in love with her blankets.  Having a blanket personalized with a child’s name gives it such aspecial meaning
Valery was so kind in designing a blanket for my youngest daughter who is 21months.  My daughters name is Vanessa but we all call her Nessa.  Nessa was embroidered on the blanket with the word Princess and a little crown.
I love the Minky Fabric that Sun 7 Designs uses.  If you are not familiar with this fabric it is so soft against your skin,especially babies or children’s sensitive skin.  I love this fabric because you can wash it many times and it always remains looking new.  It holds shape and you don’t have to iron it.  My children have always loved the Minky Fabric because they love the textured feeling which stimulates a child’s senses.  My daughter loves rubbing her hands over this blanket and putting it up against her cheek while falling asleep.
Sun 7 Designs baby blankets are custom made for that special baby in your life and are available in three sizes.   All of the blankets can be customized with a personalized namebirth date and design.  These blankets are both double sizedso you can choose 2 colours or just have the same color on both sides.  The designs can also be embroidered on either side.
Valery is very talented with her creations and designs that Perfect Must Have Baby Blanket.  I highly recommend this for your babies/tots.  I think this would make for a perfect gift after a baby is born.
For 1st time moms you will soon realize that most babies and tots love snuggling up to their blankie.  This is a great keepsake to put away and give to your child down the road".

Thanks for the love Tera, you are too kind!
This is the set that I made for her daughter, Princess Nessa.
If you are interested in having a blanket made for your little one or as a perfect shower gift for the new baby; check out my website at Sun 7 Designs.

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