Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Easter Eggs

First day of Spring and it's almost that time of year when we get to hunt for Easter eggs.  I'm a little sad that my kids are too old to hunt for eggs but on a positive note.... they are never too old to eat them and this is one of their favourite egg dishes.  I don't just make them at Easter, I make them for every special occasion and, because I've made them so many times, I could do it blindfolded!
My devilled eggs...
... and here is my recipe, straight from memory!

Boil the eggs for 7-9 minutes, running them under cold water while peeling them really helps to remove the shell (this was a tip from my father-in-law who made the best hard boiled eggs!).
Remove the yolk and mix with the following: mayonnaise, ground mustard, Italian seasoning, thyme, basil, oregano, Tobasco sauce, salt and pepper.  Stuff the mixture into the egg white shells and top with paprika and a half slice of olive.  They take only a few minutes to make and are a great tasting appetizer.

Don't you just love my egg serving dish?  I received it as a wedding gift many years ago and it gets used on a regular basis!

Happy Easter and Enjoy!

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Lynda said...

My mouth was watering reading your egg recipe....I will have to try this week. Love your scrapbook layouts!