Monday, May 20, 2013

Altered Wooden Letters ~HOME~

A couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing long weekend at a scrapbooking retreat with 6 other gals.  We spent 4 days crafting, singing, eating, laughing, sleeping (very little) and all around having a great time.
A few of us chose to alter wooden letters for our home.  I was able to find a supplier of these letters so I ordered 2 very large boxes for our weekend away.  I chose the word HOME to design for my family room  and wanted to share them with you.
They are so much fun to do that a person can easily become addicted.  I'm sorry I didn't take many "before" photos but, trust me, they are simple to make..... just a little time consuming.
You start with the bare wooden letter (approximately 10" high) and paint everything but the front in your choice of colour.  I chose dark brown for this set.... Yes! I made more than one set.  

Trace each letter in reverse onto the patterned paper that you would like to have on each letter.  After cutting out the paper, use Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the wood and sand around the edges to get a clean look.  The decorating is the fun part..... haul out all of your embellishments, ribbons etc... and enjoy the process of making them yours!
Here are a few close-ups of each letter.
Had to put my house number on the first letter!

Notice the little bird's nest behind the fence inside the "O"

 I love the little camera and the cute film strip wrapped around the "M".
 And.... the #7 is on almost everything that I make as it's a very special number in our family!

I did make another set and will share those with you in a new post in the future.  If you want a fun project to do with your scrappy friends, this is it!  We shared all of our embellishments and each set turned out beautiful.

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