Monday, November 4, 2013

Bench Cushion

My daughter received this adorable bench from a friend when she moved into her new home and she wanted a cushion for it so she could use it for extra seating.  In keeping with the British theme in her family room, she got some fabric from her MIL in the UK and I made her this cute bench cushion.
I purchased a large piece of 1.5" thick foam and using a very sharp knife cut it to size 24"x11".
Then I proceeded to cut the fabric to fit.  Two pieces 24.5"x11.5" for the top and bottom, two pieces each 26"x 2" and 13"x2" for the sides.  I then cut some red piping to fit the top layer of the cushion all around.
I sewed the piping to the top 24.5"x11.5" piece of fabric.
The proceeded to sew the sides onto the top piece of the bench cushion, leaving the corners open until the end.
Once all four sides were sewn together I went back and closed up each corner making sure to match the seams.
Here is the finished product.  And it looks adorable on the little bench in her family room.
I just love this fabric; very modern art deco way of showcasing the British flag.  The material was top quality and so easy to work with.

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Ooo, love the fabric and the piping. You make it look like I could actually make this...

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