Friday, November 29, 2013

The Story Behind The NAME!

Over the years, so many people have asked me how I came up with the name for my company so I thought I would just do a blog post about it.
In 2008 when I launched Sun 7 Designs on a part-time basis, I had several names running through my head.  Mostly "baby themed" names but, after great thought, I decided to go with something that didn't include the word "baby" just in case I decided to ever branch out and create something else.
It didn't take me long once I removed the "baby" theme from my mind.
I love the sun, spending time in the sun does a body good and even when it's a cold wintery day, I still love to go outside as long as the sun is shining.
The number 7 is very special and personal to me and it had to be included in the name, there was no question at all.
Four very important people in my family have all played hockey wearing the number 7 on their backs.  My son has played since the age of 5 and is now nearing 24 and is still wearing the number 7 on his hockey jersey.  Sadly two of these special people have passed away but their #7 jerseys have been retired in our home and there will be no question what number my future grandchildren will wear on their jerseys.

So for all of you that are asking why I chose Sun 7 Designs; I'm hoping this answer, though it may not be unique or fascinating to you, gives you a small glimpse into why I chose it.  And for those of you that have no idea what Sun 7 Designs does, check out my Website or Facebook page and see for yourself.  

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